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Established in 2015, Powerhouse Recruiters has provided affordable IT recruiting services to small to medium size companies. Our recruiters have placed software engineers, developers, testers, analysts, sales and pre-sales professionals for, who are now, some of the most well-known companies in the software industry.


Our database of candidates include:
Software Developers, Engineers, Testers and Architects
Software Sales (Outside/Inside), Channel Sales, Pre-Sales SE
Software Administrative and Management Candidates


Our recruiters have provided services ranging from sourcing to full cycle recruiting for numerous companies in the software industry. Our dedication to small and medium sized companies have achieved significant success for our clients in the development of fundamental and essential software applications for their clients around the world.

Privacy of Candidates and Clients
We have implemented new policies regarding the privacy of our candidates and clients. We no-longer allow access to our database by outside agencies, recruiters or employers. Candidates are not submitted for job opportunities unless we receive confirmation that they wish to be submitted. From privacy to feedback, we are committed to making certain our candidates and clients are presented in a professional manner.

We have also improved and implemented other security measures listed below.

Secure Hosting using the HTTPS protocol encrypts the data transmitted between a visitor’s web browser and our website. Our website is now SSL Certificate Secured to increase security to protect the privacy of our visitor’s transmission of personal and confidential information. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is is the predecessor of TLS (Transport Layer Security). Both are cryptographic protocols designed to provide security over a network.

Our database of candidates, their resumes and contact information are kept private for our use only. In addition, information such as salaries and job offers made by our client companies are deemed confidential. We do not divulge, publish or communicate confidential information to any person, firm or corporation without the consent of our client companies and candidates.

We have recently added Paypal Payment System as an alternative payment method for clients who require select services. PayPal  (PayPal Holdings, Inc. – NASDAQ:PYPL) is the most well-known online payment system in the world with the finest technology protection platform. Powerhouse Recruiters Account is 100% Paypal Verified.

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