Amazon’s Alexa Team Works With Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo, one of the country’s most extensive coding bootcamps that teaches in-demand web and mobile development languages, has been chosen by Amazon to work with Alexa Team training developers to create Alexa skills. Amazon Alexa is a voice activated, versatile, digital assistant that responds to voice commands.

Coding Dojo trained developers in San Jose, California and Belluvue, Washington in Alexa skills. Their success caught the attention of Amazon Alexa Team Director Rob Pulciani:

Alexa gets smarter every day through the skills built by talented developers like the ones trained by Coding Dojo. We are pleased to work with Coding Dojo to train the developer community to create high-quality, creative and unique skills for Alexa.

More tech companies now hire graduates of coding bootcamps for their team of software developers. There are over 18,000 coding bootcamp graduates this year alone. CNBC article “Coding boot camps replace college for software engineers” revealed how prospective students see coding bootcamps as fast-tracking to a six figure salary rather than attending colleges.

According to CNBC, Hack Reactor, for an example, “boasts a 98 percent job placement rate among its graduates, who land jobs at prestigious tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. The average starting salary for graduates is $105,000 a year”.

Hack Reactor now has over 3000 graduates and 5 campuses. Hack Reactor is only 4 years old.

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